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If you made it this far in reading about this theory, then ten more minutes of your time could result in extending your life and increasing the quality of it. Let the body fast as it does overnight, then at breakfast feed the gut first with a choleretic (coffee or tea or other choleretic) and then with mostly fiber material (oatmeal or fiber one cereal). This can also include a minimum amount of carbohydrates such as non artificial creamer in a coffee or tea (decaf is ok), and milk in oatmeal or fiber one is good. This theory may lead to great health for many. This website contains a theory that may unlock the secretes of how to treat and prevent many ailments. This theory focuses on breakfast as the best way to prevent and to reverse disease. A fasting state is when the body is using its energy stores to nourish the body. Remember bile is waste that the liver produces. It is the darkness of your stool/feces. Without bile our stools would look white or really light in color. This is a bad sign, white stools are no good.

VirtualFast is a theory that has not been approved by the FDA. It should not be started before consulting with your physician or health care provider if you are taking medications or are completing another diet and/or medication plan.

My running theory is that the Virtualfast technique will clean the liver. The extended fasting state will keep the body at a stage to reduce energy stores and waste. This in turn will decrease insulin production which in turn will stop storage.

Breakfast… Coffee... then Fiber... then Coffee.


Coffee not only causes hyper production of bile but contains soluble fiber! Then feed the gut with Fiber that contain both insoluble and soluble fibers. Need both insoluble and soluble fiber to create a mesh to clog up the bile. Then more coffee or another choleretic. One or more cups is enough. The soluble fiber binds the bile, then this combo binds to the non soluble fiber. Say Bye Bye to this as it then passes down the intestine and into the rectum for proper disposal. Also make sure to have some fiber (fruits or vegetables) in your lunch and dinner as this will also play a smaller role to removing more bile and waste.  

Steps In Your Plan
  • You can substitute the oatmeal or fiber one with other fibers.

  • You need to have insoluble and soluble fiber for this to work.  

  • You can start out two or more days a week. Then increase to five days.

  •  Remember your lunch and dinner are what you want. However, the more non processed foods you use the better. But understand just because it is good food or high in nutrient value, does not mean you should over consume. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  

  • People taking medication for diabetes and other ailments should consult with their medical physician or other health professional before trying this.

  • Do not boil your oatmeal because this will split open the oat and release unwanted carbohydrates (glucose and starch) or you can just use fiber one. You can also just soak the oatmeal if you do not like to use the microwave oven.  

  • For oatmeal place in bowel, add a little milk, and microwave for thirty or forty seconds. This allows it to become a little mushy but does not break down the fiber. You can add spices to this if you like. 

People in good health and with a high fiber diet and without metabolic syndrome or risk of it do not need to follow this alternative mechanism to reduce toxins in their body. Just make sure to have some fiber in your meal.
       Side note from my reading on the subjects of obesity that I found in books like "FAT CHANCE" by DR.Robert Lustig, and "WHY WE GET FAT" by Gary Taubes, they have excellent data and references on this subject. They have information that strengthens my theory.

The Liver is the key

The liver is to your body sort of like what the carburetor and oil filter is to an automobile. If the carburetor or oil filter are not working properly then the automobile will not run properly if at all.


The carburetor  is a device that blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine in the proper ratio for combustion, or similar to the newer technology of fuel injection. The oil filter eliminates toxins.

Simple view of some of the working of the liver are to filter blood and bile that contain all the food intake and then excrete much of the waste that is produced in our body which can contain fat soluble toxins.

The liver also functions as the main organ in the body for glycogen storage which is storage of glucose (sugar). It regulate the composition of blood including the amounts of sugar (glucose), and fat that enter the bloodstream. The Liver also produces Cholesterol which is vital to the functioning of all our cells,  It removes bilirubin, ammonia, and other toxins from the blood. The other toxins are the key in this theory.  

This is Dr. Konstantin's breakfast 1/4 to 1/3 cup of oatmeal (Either Oat flakes or Fiber-one No steel cut Oats) with Whole Milk.
(may substitute with other kind of milk)

You can sprinkle these on the oatmeal or other fiber products as these will enhance goal of detox.

What is the next step?

NOW, the next step is to get the bile flushed out of the system before allowing it to reabsorbed back into he body. If you combine fiber with too many nutrients such as carbohydrates or fats or proteins…the bodies natural mechanism is to absorb these into the blood or liver. Amino acids and sugars bypass the liver and enter the blood. Fats get emulsified with bile and then into the liver or into the blood by the lymphatic system. Why is that BAD. What goes back in the body with the BILE?... Toxins. But also now the nutrients in the blood will cause release of Insulin which causes your body to stop fasting and go into a storage stage. Insulin is an evolutionary hormone that causes storage and the use of the nutrient that come into the body.

SO then you ask how can we use are bodies natural mechanism to get out the toxins. Simple hit the gut with fiber and minimal carbohydrates, fats or protein at a certain point. The VIRTUALFAST does this plus the big bonus is that it extends the normal fasting period and puts it at warp speed until the next meal time.  This helps detox the liver which in turn will detox the body.  There are numerous studies published which state that the food industry took away fiber from our foods over the course of the last hundred years. They then took fats out also around 1970. This has led to the metabolic syndrome and increasing rates of chronic disease. The fix is in many books and articles… fiber and fiber. But to get the public to consume fiber is difficult.

FASTING is a normal evolutionary product of our human metabolic system. When you eat you will use the energy coming in and store the excess. The storage is performed by Insulin. When you are fasting the storage of energy in our bodies will be used with the aid of the hormone glycogen phosphate. Also Growth Hormone is secreted in the fasting state. Growth hormone is great, it is important for healing and giving one a clarity and so much more. So this is the crust of this theory... VIRTUALFAST works because your body naturally goes in a fasting state daily, starting a few hours after your last meal of the day until the next meal the following day.

I look at this as the way our bodies cleanse it self daily. So on average a person has anywhere from ten to twelve hours of fasting daily. Now think of this, bile contains toxins, lots of toxins from the breakdown of normal metabolism and from the toxins we take in. During a fasting state these toxins must concentrate at a higher rate in the bile. Now this means the first meal of the day will be emulsified with these. If one is to hit the gut with things that grab onto this bile and toxins and refuses to be absorbed back into the body then one has figured a mechanism to cleanse the body

A side note here is that there are fat soluble toxins and water soluble toxins. The body has other means to rid itself of water soluble toxins. I believe the liver functions to convert some fat soluble toxins into water soluble toxins or it gets rid of the fat soluble toxins through the bile.

Additionally, fat is being excreted out of the body with bile. IF you combine fiber with too many carbohydrates or fats or proteins... the bodies natural mechanism is to emulsify many of these with bile and then suck them back into the blood stream, lymphatic system or liver. Insulin kicks up and VIOLA storage and breakdown of these nutrients starts. So hit the body with food around the clock breakfast, lunch and dinner with things that cause re-absorption is setting up the body for metabolic syndrome and other ailments. Simple it is as long as one does not get caught in the minutia of things. 

Remember during a fasting state insulin will not be released. So breakdown of storage and metabolization continues.We continue to deplete our reserves just as our body was intended.Revelation I cried when I realized I could reverse DIABETES, but I was not the first.

Over one hundred years ago this was shown. I have since cried a lot because in reversing my finding I have concluded that the first ten years I practice medicine, I practiced with a gap in my knowledge that was not inherent to be acquired through my education. Or was it there and all I needed was the right patient to figure this out, that patient was me.

Nutrients=Food... We need it

  • Nutrient = Carbohydrates (starch, sugars, fiber), Lipids (fats), Proteins (in meats, eggs, dairy, produce, fish, nuts, and beans), Vitamins ( water soluble and non soluble (A,D,E,K), other minerals.

  • All of these get broken down starting in mouth to upper GI.

  • Some get absorbed into the GI then blood stream, other into lymphatic system and liver by the help of bile.

  • Once in the blood system or liver these get used as immediate energy source, go into storage or get converted into another form.

Keep it Simple

  • On a daily basis I use Occam’s Razor to help me decide what a patient ailment is and how to treat it.

  • Occam’s razor is a problem-solving principle that among the competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

Bile is not a bad product but necessary for proper intake of fats

  • There are recent articles that bacteria in the gut that love fiber help to protect people from diabetes.

  • Recent article that diabetes type 1 can be reversed by starving cells.

  • Recent article if you take off one gram of fat from the pancreas of obese people you can reverse diabetes

  • Articles of reversing metabolic syndrome through diets.

  • Fasting as a cure for cancer

  • The list of ways to reverse ailments through diets, fasting, enemas are many

  • Bile/bile salts found in breast cancer cells in one study

  • Lack of sleep can lead to increase rates of disease (no fasting period)

Bile contains bad things. Excrete these things as our body is setup to do and you fix many of its ailments. As I have dug deeper and deeper into the available websites, articles about nutrition and proper diet, it has been there all along. Fiber is the key. The bile needs to be taken out or it will recirculate back in through the enterohepatic circulation and bring back the toxins. Yet again I have learned that what I thought was new information was already out there. SO THE KEY is Fiber. What I have discovered then is just a simple way for all us to accomplish this task especially for the people with bad health. The answer is Virtualfast.

Additional thought is that by increasing fiber in one's diet, one will increase the bacteria in our guts that love fiber, this is a great thing. These type of bacterial work within us in a symbiotic manner to help us with proper health. There are published reports on this subject.

Lets Discuss the possibilities

I now know that the history of what my patients eat around the clock is very important, But breakfast intake is the key, I believe. It is up to you the scientific field, nutritionists, pharmacists, physicians an everyone else to help in solving the HOLY GRAIL of good health. We are all on this earth together. Our common interest is that we should all have good health and happiness.




LECTIN... lectins which are part of the structure in plants are a defense mechanism against microorganisms, pest, and insects. They are resistant to human digestion and they enter the blood unchanged, Lectins are thought to play a role in the immune function, cell growth, cell death, and body fat regulation.  Because  we don’t digest lectins, we often produce antibodies to them. Some are good for us and some are not. This can help us or make us sick.


I now know that as my knowledge is growing in the area of food intake and excretion, the answers to good health lie in this crust. Help me find the answers. It may be there are other culprits in the bile that our responsible for poor health.

The body produces toxins through its metabolic pathways. It also takes in toxins though all contact from air, food and skin. The key is to use the bodies own mechanisms to detox. Exercising, breathing, urination, perspiration all get water soluble toxins out of body. But the fat soluble toxins either get converted by the liver to water soluble or they must come out in the bile if they are only fat soluble. This is key of where Virtualfast uses the natural fasting state of the body to get out the fat soluble toxins. Remember the bile at the end of the fasting state will be 20 to 30 times as concentrated than any other time of the day.   

I will continue to eat all foods even if they contain lectins because I now know a simple mechanism that we can use to detox... its called Virtualfast.

I now realized that the back up of toxins into our cells is the cause of many illnesses, possible Cancer. All one has to do is just follow the trial of everything that comes in contact with our body. Air goes in lungs. Chemicals on our skin by many means. What we eat. All of these routes bring in Toxins. So  follow the trial into the body. End result is that these external toxins and ones made by our body end up in our individual cells.

Now the engine in our individual cells is the organelle called Mitochondria. Here the end result is oxygen in a reaction with glucose (sugar) produces ATP.  This is call aerobic respiration. ATP is the energy form that our cells use to carry out proper function. Without ATP our cells Die.

Now I believe that if the toxins build up in the cell, especially the mitochondria, then our cell shifts from aerobic respiration to fermentation to produce energy. This in turn causes more toxins. Now the individual cell is in trouble.

Simple it is if you do not get caught up in the minutia. So the body detoxes a few ways. Breathing, perspiration, urination, defecation.  

Breakfast is the Key. Your body detoxes all night long. Many of the toxins that came in will now be found in the bile. HIT A HOME RUN every morning by using Virtualfast. Get the toxins out. I would confidently bet you will start to feel much better as the days and weeks pass.

If this theory is true then it all makes sense. Neuro cells only have 2 to a few hundred mitochondria per cell. In Liver cells you have 2,000 mitochondria per cell. In Lung cells the numbers range from 2000 to 4000. The Liver can regenerate itself. If this holds this would mean that as toxicity builds the Neuro cells could possible be the first to be affected since they contain less mitochondria..Our body it seems was engineered in a way to allow us to sense toxins as they build up in us as long as one is not too toxic to begin with.

A lot of diseases start later in life. I confidently know it's because the toxin storage in our individual cells has increased over time.

If your young or in great health then your toxin load is low and you probably feel great. So here is the chance to take what I have presented and help people you know around you. Tell them to take the Virtualfast Challenge. Follow the game plan five days a week for several weeks and see if your overall health improves. Remember we all deserve a good quality of life.

My mission is to help every person on this planet detox the poisons out of their body.

My vision is that once this is accomplished I believe human suffering will decrease untold multiples and we can all live in peace and enjoy our lives.


 "You Deserve A Better Quality Of Life"

Disclosure: people with severe toxic state, if you follow the strict Virtualfast daily you may run into trouble. I believe it is best to crawl before you run. It may be best for severe ill patients to just make sure to add fiber to breakfast daily. Then once or twice a week to carry out Virtualfast full technique. Over the coming weeks and months one may increase days using full technique. Reason behind this is that the toxins stored that caused the original abnormalities and illnesses will slowly be released back into the blood stream for detoxing. However if one is already toxic then the release of more at the same time could cause a person to experience severe abnormalities. One may need to supplement diet with thiamine and potassium. Additionally lots of water up to one liter a day. May need further supplements and be under the care of a professional that understands the human physiology and biochemistry. What made you sick and then was stored may now make you sick again as it is released. This is a real threat and not one to be taken lightly. If a person is in good health and not on any medications then I do not expect this to occur in them.



Additional thoughts 

I will let you guys in on a not so well kept secret. This theory has wheels. It is progressing with good if not great results. Being an epidemiologist and physician I have to offer this change in diet to all people and to all patients. In a retrospective study one gathers information from records to find an association to the theory one is looking at. This data is available. In a prospective study one has different groups and the study is real time and moving forward. Now let me say I am not actually holding a prospective study but sort of. The patients and non patients have been followed and the results are such that I am no longer doing a sort of study, Why! In a prospective study which is the highest scientific and medical study available, one is compelled by ethics to stop a study and offer the same diet or medication to all groups once it is found that one group is showing superior results and benefits. Obviously, the group using the Virtualfast is having great results. I will say one can lead a person to fiber, but one cannot make them eat it. 

I have offered this information to many professional in all walks of life and major Educational Institutions across the world. I have asked for their help in evaluating my running theory. At this time, I march forward with you the people. There is no money to be made here, just better health. 
  Things to look up on web if your interested.
 1. Otto Warburg 2. Dr Sebi 3.Mitochondria disease 4.Coffee enema 5.autism and breast milk 6. Hippocrates the father of western medicine 7. Old testament book of Daniels 8. Intermittent fasting or fasting 9. Movies "In defense of food", "Food inc.", "Forks over Knives", "Hunger for Change".10. Acid and Base balance in the body 11. Many functional, alternative as well as Medical Doctors have published books with similar theories although not exactly like my own and not as comprehensive as the ones I offer in my opinion. 12. Ask the right question in a search on the web and you may be surprised what you dig up.    
I strongly believe the information on this web site offers a person critical information in striving to obtain great health. One is the timing of food intake. Two is the importance of a healthy food intake. Three is the key to exercise. I have not elaborated much on two or three as these can be found throughout the web.The fourth would be acid and base balance in the body. Five would be the importance of vitamins and minerals. I will add these to this web site soon. 
For physicians and others in the health and science fields and industry, the fight is on us. You have been trained and your science base should be at a level to fully grasp what I have laid out. We have been trained in looking at blood work for data to help others. But a great amount of data is in the cells, the mitochondria! Think about this, blood is like a highway full of cars in traffic. Now we ask the patient to fast and take a look at the blood, it should be clear of traffic? Now think about some of the medications we give... what do they do..... stop the release of things into the blood. Does this not cause a backup of things into our cells? The fight is in the garage or better yet in the cell (mitochondria). The best way to get this out is by fasting or exercising to breakdown the storage. Let's use the bodies own tools to help it recover from disease. Of course I am not proposing that we eliminate medications, on the contrary they should be used in conjunction with food intake.
Another thought, I have had two close family members suffer heart attacks recently. Both under fifty and both in the health field. They were not obese but both were not stellar in their diets or exercise routine. Both suffered a heart attack within one hour of eating at one our largest fast food chains. Both have young children and both have stressful jobs. Was this a coincidence, I think not. Remember a fatty meal will be deposited by your lymphatic system near your heart. This is where the lymphatic system drains. I know our body needs fats to properly function, but the type of fats and whether one needs to include fiber with its consumption needs to be studied. I will always eat fiber with my steak or any other fatty meat from now on and never alone just to be on the safe side. 
Two thousand five hundred years ago, Hippocrates himself said the best two methods to use in fighting disease was Fasting and sour wine (apple cider vinegar). He said do not give another medication unless you know it to reverse what your treating. This is where as physicians we take the oath "First do no harm". He also said "LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE". He believed the body had the ability to reverse disease.    
My family has lost three great people to cancer over the last few years. All under sixty six years old. One at forty years old. None of these people had bad habits. This does not included the many patients I have served and cared for as if they were family who also passed away from this disease. To say I am invested to help solve this disease is without question. Here is food for thought on this topic.
All religions have fasting principles and dietary guidelines. What I was looking for I found in the book of Daniels in the old testament. The old testament is thought to be older than Hippocrates himself. This means that the power of fasting was known in ancient times. As I observed my Muslim patients this year during Ramadan (yearly fasting period for this religion) I started offering advise on how to break a fast. You guessed it coffee or tea and fiber should be included. The surprising thing is that this has always been a tradition for many. In fact a date fruit is include. Now looking at the nutrition side of this fruit I was shocked. This fruit which is grown by a palm tree in the desert is like a multi vitamin. Wow is the word alright. This just reaffirms that observation in ancient times by people with knowledge offered a proper dietary plan. Why are certain techniques in how to prepare food passed down from generation to generation. Knowledge comes from experience and yes of course these people did not have a scientific background or the current findings in literature to fully understand what they were passing down. The more I explore this angle the more amazed I am.   




One time but it should be "Two" time noble prize winner Doctor Otto Warburg purposed a theory on cancer. It was that the mitochondria when it lacks oxygen it switches from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration. Once a cell changes to anaerobic respiration then it becomes like a fungus or yeast, a cell concerned with its own well being and it multiplies with disregard to the surrounding tissue. He was denied of his finding. I purpose it is the change of pH to an acidic one in the mitochondria caused by toxicity that leads this organelle to switch. (Although the Bohr effect of how blood unloads oxygen to acidic environments seems to not work in this one. Interesting this is and one that I will investigate).  Many papers and theories on the need to change the bodies chemistry and food intake to an alkaline one can reverse disease have been proposed.. We know that cancer cells live on glucose(sugar).Denied glucose a cancer cell dies, ketogenic diet has been proposed as a way to accomplish this though his has not been proven as a treatment. Is it not fare to say that the pharmaceutical field has for years looked at ways to block blood from getting to cancer cells as a way of treatment. What is brought to cancer cells by blood..nutrients, oxygen and toxins and the removal of toxins (yup a little complicated). Blood and the lymphatics also removes toxins that are self produced or due to exposure. There are physicians around the world that have for years said cancer is a fungus, expose it to baking soda solution and one can destroy it. I have been dealing for years with an epidemic of tinea versicolor (fungus of the skin) in thousands of  young athletes that I have performed physicals on yearly. I have treated them successfully and then have observed it to come back with time. I attributed this to poor hygiene. I know realize this was a bad assumption, it is the food that they eat or should I say lack of fiber. Does the lack of fiber set an acidic environment up in the body and skin? An acidic environment helps promote yeast growth, this is a singular fungus. An alkaline environment causes the yeast to morph into fungus which is a plural form. So eating a very alkaline diet may cause fungus to grow in the intestines. Yes it gets a little complicated here as well. Balance is the key and as such our food intake needs to be balanced. Our body's own self mechanisms will do the rest and balance itself.  
The BOHR EFFECT shows how carbon dioxide and hydrogen ions (H+) play a central role for the affinity of oxygen in Hemoglobin (red blood cell). In an acidic environment (low pH) compared to normal physiological pH which is 7.4 (basic), the hemoglobin will unload oxygen. This is how active cells in our bodies that produce acid are feed more oxygen. What I find fascinating is that in science the ability to unload oxygen occurs much faster in a small animal that in a large one. The mouse has a superior ability to unload oxygen than an elephant. Its metabolic rate is superior to the elephant. Now just based on observation could this also account for the reason a skinny person has a hard time gaining weight while an obese person has a more difficult time losing weight. I believe it does play a role.  
We know that the body can remove water soluble waste (toxins) by breathing, sweating, urination, in bile and maybe other means. I believe that ear wax is a sign of the body trying to get fat toxins out but I will write later on why I think this is the case and that all people should take the over production of ear wax seriously. Now the fat soluble waste or toxins in the body the liver has to convert them to water soluble and if it cannot do that then it disposes them into the bile. I know that the build up of hormones, in particular the sex hormones as well as some stress hormones are fat soluble. I do not believe the liver detoxifies them totally. If this is the case then what happens to them. Do they end up back in the body. Does the increase totals cause cancer? If this is the case then a lack of fiber in the diet and especially at breakfast or first meal of the day then could cause an increased rates. Put fiber back into breakfast and I believe we will see a decrease in rates of cancer. I know a careful food history of women with breast cancer needs to be taken up at this moment. I am currently speculating that the explosion of breast cancer in this country could at least partially be explained by lack of fiber in a woman's diet.  
Additionally, I believe the toxicity in humans is causing ever increasing violence in our population. Simple it is once you understand that the neurons will be effected first since they have the least room to compensate due to having only two mitochondria (or in the hundreds depends on which research study but overall less than cells found in organs that play a role in detoxification). Put fiber back into everyone's breakfast and I believe we will see a reduction in violence. 
Studies have shown that when a body becomes acidic, vital minerals are lost. This includes potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are removed from our vital organs and bones to counteract or buffer the acid. This will lead to many ailments in the long run if not corrected. The bodies normal pH is around 7.4, slightly alkaline. However certain studies point out that the stomach and intestines should be at a lower  pH (more acidic) to prevent fungus and other entities from invading. Some organs do well in one environment and others in another. So this acid and base balance in the body is really complicated. I know the kidneys and lungs play a vital role in this balance but other organs may also. In fact all cells individually play a role! 
Here is an interesting observation about cancer in the blood and lymphatic circulations. Three type of white blood cell cancers, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma. No red blood cell cancers. Do you know what a major difference between red and white blood cells is? Red blood cells have no mitochondria. However another interesting point is that if you take away oxygen from red blood cells in people with sickle cell or thalassemia disease the red blood cells clump together to form clots that end up plugging capillaries which in return cause damage and could cause death to the body. So oxygen is the mightiest nutrient of all.   
You must now realize I am purposing a change to the way we fight diseases. As a physician I exam each patient the same way I was taught and which has been enhanced by my own experience. However, what has changed is the need to know exactly what kind of diet, food or anything else the patient has come into contact with. I now know this is critical to better serve my patients. As my understanding of how the body treats each an everything it consumes and comes in contact with expands, I am at a much stronger position to help people. This extra focus on diet has helped me to better serve each individual with an aim to reverse their current ailment and prevent others. 
I had a case within the last four weeks where a person presented with acute illness of nausea, headache, and body pain. This patient looked toxic as he was altered by this illness. My persistent need to know what the patient consumed in the last 24 hours led me to realize that he poisoned himself by placing some type of seeds in a large glass of water and leaving it overnight. He consumed this water in the morning. AHA moment, the seeds probably contained things that his body could not process. With hydration, and fiber the patient was fine within 24 hours and was instructed not to consume his health contraption again. This case in one of many that I am picking apart daily. 
I look at the body much differently than I did a few months ago. I now realize the cells of each organ are relatively the same except the number of mitochondria. I believe that by focusing on the health of these mitochondria many ailments can be reversed and prevented. Funny thing is that as I continue my quest for knowledge I have discovered that a person can have up to eight different mitochondria within the body. The genes of the mitochondria number less than twenty. So again things are not as simple as I had hoped but the treatment is the same at this time. 
At this point it appears a few others and I are alone in this quest to help all. We need your help...all of us. If my sword shall fall in this fight, pick it up and carry forward and onward. But remember a pen is mightier than a sword, however the Internet is King to all swords. If the power goes off, then use a pen, if the pen runs out of ink, then revert to the oral.

                                             "Fear All, But Fear None, In Darkness and In Light, Thou Is Not Alone"



There is now new research that has found that the active DNA of humans is down to 1,750 active genes or genes that can produce a product. The difference between a human and a mouse is ten genes. This means that the difference between a mouse and a human is 0.0056%. What does this mean about us humans, no matter the color or creed we are all the same. We need to come together to help each other and to then help this planet. Division is a waste of time and space. 
Wow Wow Wow it just hit me..As I look at a retrospective and prospective evaluation of patients and non patients I have had contact with concerning the use of Marijuana, I have just realized that the main complaint of people who quit this drug is insomnia and anxiety. These were heavy users. A quick internet search shows that one of the main active component of marijuana is TCH and its metabolites. These are fat soluble. This means that they get stored in fat cells. Could it be that many of the symptoms these former heavy users have for days, weeks and months be caused by the break down of fats. This would explain a lot. Since they are fat soluble this means that the liver either needs to convert them to water soluble or it needs to flush them out through the bile. Insulin is an evolutionary hoarder in that is causes storage of all intake especially fat soluble material. In a fasting state and without insulin present, the break down of fats and the release of its contents will occur. This leads me to speculate that it may take some time for a chronic user to detox. I now know I have a better understanding on how to help these types of patients. 
The brain's composition is sixty or more percent fat. If toxins are hidden in fats then is it not logical to think that this would cause some sort of mental illness in many as the fats are broken down in a fasting state. I will look to explore this as well. Titans of Great Health.....forward and onward we go. 
So anything that is fat soluble and cannot be converted to water soluble could be stored forever in our fat cells. Additionally things like excess glucose do get converted to fat and are stored in our fat cells. Thinking along this line then one must realize that bad things could be stored in our food supply, especially our meats that have fats or any food item that is full of fat or has fat soluble toxins. However, we need fats in our diets or the human body will not function properly.
Additionally, some of our stress hormones are also fat soluble such as cortisol. So constant stress and negative thinking lead to an over production of this hormone. Since this is fat soluble it leads me to believe it plays a central role in many diseases if one is not able to dispose of excess production.  
In fact there are recent articles and books that describe that fat intake is a way to combat Cancer and more. In these publications the importance of eating to improve the mitochondria is stated. I am not finished reading these publications yet, but it they do have similar findings and thoughts like my own. It is great to know I am not alone. Also one needs to realize that the kidney is also filtering the blood and disposes of all water soluble waste (toxins). Additionally many other organs and each cell play a role in detoxing the body. Redundancy in the body as well as this site is necessary. In fact the lungs play a most important role in detox. Think about it, ever few seconds we blow out toxins, acids......our lungs play a paramount role in acid base balance. We get rid of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and replace it with the God's nutrient, Oxygen. It is fascinating to sit and simultaneous run the workings of the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, all other organs at once in my head and piece them together. Its like a symphony........Beethoven's 5th Symphony.................Wow Wow ...Wow..... This is the payoff of all those courses.....years.... to hear it is Awesome.   
New thought that enhances my theory. It has come to light to me that excess iron in the body can lead to higher rates of cancer. There are studies and finding that support this. Now it is also thought that the body does not dispose of excess iron to any extent. But is not bilirubin a breakdown product of hemoglobin which contains iron. Then using Virtualfast does this not lead us to a mechanism to insure our bodies flush out excess bilirubin that is found as waste in the bile. I know excess bilirubin is flushed out the kidneys if the liver is not working properly. It is known that fiber binds excess iron in the enterocytes when these cells turn over. Enterocytes are the cells that line the gastrointestinal walls. {The iron in food coming into the GI gets absorbed into enterocytes, then from enterocytes into the blood stream.}     
If my theory holds which I believe it will, and as I have the opportunity I will look for a simple way to clean the lymphatic circulation of our bodies. It may well be this is already being accomplished with Virtualfast and enhanced with exercise. Why is this important? I believe the key to auto immunity diseases lies in this crust. Onward and forward Titans of Great Health.   

Other observations

I noticed my hair in all parts of my body have started to grow back at a much slower rate since I changed my breakfast. In particular are the gray hair. Could it be that hair is another way our body disposes of toxins. I know that pregnant women have fuller hair. This is known in the medical community because an increase in sex hormones produces this. We know that employers test employees for the use of illicit drugs through hair samples at times. Why are there drugs in the hair. I know that males with an over production of testosterone as its breakdown products causes hair loss which is opposite to the female hormone. Does the over production of this hormone cause the loss of some of the bodies detox abilities? These observation cause me to think that all input of the body should be thought of as fuel and in return all the different ways the body returns this waste to the environment should be thought of as waste. The shedding of skin, sweating, breathing, ear wax, hair, urination. defecation and every other way should be more closely examined. 
Another pregnant female was seen in my office with a new onset hearing loss. Brace yourself...........yes turns out both ears were full of wax. Could ear wax be full of sex hormones or be caused by high fat soluble waste in the body. I believe it is and I am not the first.  
As I continue my quest to gather all information concerning how the body uses food and excretes waste, I cannot help but think the best way to combat disease is to feed the body pure unaltered natural food and get out of the way and let the body do its thing. What? One day I drank two large alkaline water bottles, what occurred was loose stool. Was this a coincidence? I think not, did I altered the pH of my intestines which in return caused the shedding and altercation of the balance of bacteria and yeast flora.
My gut now likes fiber in the a.m.,  and not sugar. I was staying at a resort for two days and ate their oatmeal. This was boiled, soft sticky stuff and plain. What occurred was loose stools again. This oatmeal was mostly glucose as it was boiled which caused the inside to come out.
You must remember that I always learn best from observing my own body's reaction to things and then in return I gain insight on how to help others as I believe all humans function the same way.   
As you can observe with my thoughts and writing, once one adds these types of observations to one's clinical skill set, it enhances the way the body functions and in return this opens up new avenues of exploration. I hope I gave you the bug to explore them with me. It is fascinating but true I believe.
Titans of Great Health march forward and onward!!!!!!
Another "EUREKA" moment just occurred to me. Are the foods that some people consume cause shifts in their acid and base balance which in return causes their bodies to compensate by trading certain electrolytes in cells with hydrogen ions (acid) in the blood. This will cause the loss of vital electrolytes just as occurs as in ketoacidosis in new onset diabetic cases.. Could this loss of electrolytes in return cause abnormal blood pressure (hypertension) and other ailments. I think it could and I will have the answer to this is the coming weeks. I do not know if my logic is original but for me it is until I find research that says other wise. At this time I will consider adding all vital minerals and vitamin supplements in safe dosages to a select few hypertension patient and see if their blood pressure stabilize. Or I will review the hypertension patient who come into my office and see if they are taking these supplements already. Another thought just came to me, one of the most widely used anti hypertension class of drugs are calcium blockers. But then think about this, in an acidic environment our cells, organs and bones lose calcium into our blood during the exchange of hydrogen ions. Would this not then cause an increase in normal concentration of calcium in the blood which would in return potentially lead to hypertension? If this is the case then one needs to be careful in dosing supplements.  
Titans of Great Health we march forward and onward. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Another thought I have had as I have been successful in reversing diabetes in a number of people with the Virtualfast technique is that just because a person's glucose number is high at times does not mean that this is all bad. Is this not a natural way that the body uses to dispose of excess glucose by having it in water soluble form and therefore it can be excreted out by the kidneys or reprocessed by the liver and other organs. As long as the person's vitals and pH are normal and they are getting daily replenishment of vital minerals and vitamins to replace the one's they may be losing while in a hyper glucose state, they should be safe. Once again an investigation by clinical research needs to be undertaken.
Titans of Great Health once again INTO THE FRAY we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
As I get to spend a few minutes a day or even a few hours at times to continue to explore my theory, I am growing more and more convinced I have found the Medical Holy Grail. The medical holy grail is not eternal life, this is just the best way to live a long life with great health. It is our own DNA, our organs, our physiology or our biochemical processes and how they function at full capacity when given the right nutrition and even medication at the right times.   Humans have been on his planet for at least 50,000 years. We have survived on what we ate. Altering our food supply for any reason, for the good of humanity to insure there is enough supply of food to feed the masses or to find an easier way for corporations to make a bigger profit does not matter here. It comes down to feeding the machine (our body) with the proper nutrients at the proper times to ensure maximum health. I do not need a lab or institution to help me find out if I am right. The data or research is out there, all one needs to do is to connect the dots.
Now here is an interesting thought. Apoptosis is the programmed death of a singular cell that occurs when a cell is near death. Phenoptosis is the programmed death of the entire organism. This theory states that the closer one gets to death, the body programs the the death of it. Now looking at my theory of eating a meal rich in trans fats without fiber, which results in the body directly placing this fat in the lymphatic circulation that will deposit this near the coronaries arteries as a normal process of a fatty meal without fiber, I believe this lends credibility to his theory. Why? The worse shaped one is in, then the further insult the body suffers, the closer to death it get's to. This is a merciful death as this may cause a heart attack and death. We are programmed for a merciful death by God or nature, it is your pick. As an epidemiologist or even as a human being, I am being taught from the grave as I speak. I am analyzing the passing of many and looking into their past to get answers. The dead are speaking to me by their health history as well as their thoughts concerning health, this includes the food that they choose to eat. We need to look at the past to get answers for our health. This includes an analysis of all great civilizations that ever existed on this earth. What did they consume. An example of this is that the Greeks before 1920s used a certain wheat staple but changed to importing a less nutritional grain due to cheaper costs. This is just a start. 
Titans it is up to you to disprove my theories, or it is up to you to pass on these theories. We march forward one way or another!!!!   "Bagpipes Play" 
Ok stop the bagpipes. Just in the Virtualfast version of the Medical Holy Grail in progress
This is the Konstantin's Model of "Possible" Great Health.......... it is free to try, no strings attached..  your health is in your own hands!!
GREAT HEALTH = Great nutrition (includes Fiber) + Proper Body Detox (includes exercise, water, Oxygen, Sunlight) + Fasting (includes sleep) + (unknown factors (genetic, positive thoughts and mood, proper meditation .ect).             {negative thoughts and anger should be avoided as they cause certain hormones to be released in a hyper overdrive state which over a long period will lead to negative health} There is science to back that overproduction of certain hormones will lead to disease. 
Titans we march forward and onward.    now we play Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/19/17  "More Evidence Concerning My Theory that bile contains bad things. The SKIN is the largest organ in the human body. Recently a person with severe guttate psoriasis who started the Virtualfast has had a significant improvement after years of failed treatment with all other modalities. I have followed this patient for years. This is the first time I has seen such a great improvement with the skin looking normal in much of their body with no trace of psoriasis. Now there is literature that state's that this disease can have spontaneous remission. However, I believe it was the fact that this person changed their morning diet to Virtualfast that lead to this dramatic improvement. This disease is thought to be caused by an autoimmune reaction in the body. Now given the skin is the largest organ in the body, it weighs on average eight pounds and has over 20 square feet of space, it is logical that the psoriasis rash is a way the body is trying to rid itself of toxins. By adding a mechanism (Virtualfast) to help the body detox, it may help heal the skin in many diseases. Can Virtualfast help with autoimmune diseases, I believe it can. 
Titans we march forward and onward with a renewed focus on the entire spectrum of diseases.  
Titans we have a breakthrough. I have concluded that most diseases of the human body have to do with the health of the mitochondria. We know that depending on which organ we are focused on, the number of mitochondria vary. As the toxic load increases in our body, illness presents. Now a specific disease like diabetes has to do with the pancreas. So if the mitochondria are sick or damaged in this organ you can get diabetes due to insulin insufficiency. Now I am keeping this simple and will not go into great details. If your mitochondria are damaged in your lung you can get COPD. I believe this plays out in most diseases. Most cancers have been shown by some to be caused by damaged mitochondria in what ever organ they start from. Therefore is it not logical to think that most diseases of the human body can be tracked back to the mitochondria of each cell line. If this is the case then the best way to fight disease is by detoxing the human body. How to detox the body. Virtualfast is step one in my view. Step two is by eating natural foods and staying away from processed foods and all refined sugars. Step three is getting God's nutrient, oxygen into all our cells. Step four is exercising or increasing oxygen intake by deep breaths or other means (supplement). Now this list goes on and on. It includes having a positive outlook. Not letting the stress of everyday life get you down. This last part has to do with hormones. You can see where I am going here and you can add more steps.
I purchased many biochemical and molecular books to read and study to help me evaluate my theory. However, I have now found resources and books published by people with far superior knowledge then me in these fields that lay out the theory of why cancer is a metabolic disease. They have the science and research to show why their theory may work. One book is titled " CANCER as a Metabolic Disease" by Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried. I would also recommend watching a movie on Netflix called "Fed Up" that may give you a different perspective on our current overall health of our population. 
The simple version of the Hippocratic Oath states 1. Do no harm, 2. Provide care to all, and 3. the ultimate goal is to find a cure for all diseases. I believe I am close to providing you with this. But remember if my theory holds true, then it was Hippocrates himself who provided it to us all long ago. He stated Fasting as the single best mechanism to help recover from disease. He is also credited with saying "LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE". Now I will continue helping all with all the tools I was taught through my training in medicine but will also teach the importance of fasting and eating a balanced and non processed diet.
Now it may turn out that since the human body has numerous times the bacteria and yeast living in us in a symbiotic state compared to the number of our own cells, that the mechanisms of great health have more to do with these than just what we eat or fast. The good bacteria and yeast may proliferate on a great diet where as a poor diet causes the opposite. We know from published studies that fiber causes good bacteria to proliferate and with that people have a lower incidence of diabetes. Recent research also shows that ninety percent of all the serotonin (neurotransmitter found in the brain) found in our bodies is produced by certain bacteria in our gut with the help of our own immune cells in our gut given proper nutrition. Yes this is a WHAT moment but true. 
I am currently leaning on stating that Virtualfast's first meal of the day can be altered and expanded. What this means is that one day I will find a combination of meals that will cause the body to fast for ten to fourteen hours a day. This means that one may eat a good and nutritional meal that kicks the body out of a fasting state but that in the totality of the 24 hour day one stills finds the body in a fasting state for ten to fourteen hours a day. Additionally, I am proposing a Virtaulfast lifestyle. This includes a Virtualfast first meal of the day and then to expand on other modalities throughout the day. This may include time to listen to music and unwind everyday in a manner you see fit or meditation. Try and keep negative emotions to a low level as these cause certain hormones to be released which may be a detriment to your health. Try and enjoy the outdoors. Love they self as a loved one would you, and in return love they neighbor as you would want them to you. This may sound far fetched to some but in reality keeping good hormones active and others down plays a role in our health. One must understand that good health in is one's own hand to a large extent. As a primary care physician I can attest to this. Feed the body processed food as the primary means of nutrition will lead to disease down the road in many. 
TITANS OF GREAT HEALTH we march forward as we have much work to accomplish in reducing the untold suffering due to bad health. "Let the drums play now". 
Once again my Titans of Great Health we have a break through. I have uncovered research that enhances my theories. It is now known that ninety percent of a major neurotransmitter (serotonin) in the brain is made in the gut (intestines) with the help of bacteria combined with our own cells. The old saying a way to a man's heart is through the gut just got real. Our body is like a forest, but we as humans make up the trees in the forest. The trees need sunlight, water and nutrients to feed on with the help of the sun and the soil and all its occupants. We need to feed the gut proper nutrition to enhance the well being of our other symbiotic occupants. In return they provide us with needed nutrients and good health. At this point I need to state that feeding bad nutrition to the body will have detrimental consequences to our other occupants over time, which in return will have detrimental effects on us. You can do your own research and read about it yourself. At this point I believe your other occupants have a theme song and its from Quit Riot...... "We're not gonna take it".
One other finding that I will discuss soon is an article that has been in the making for over fifteen years. A researcher has stated that even the natural unprocessed foods we eat are starting to not offer the nutritional value as they once did. This is related to the ever increasing CO2 in the environment. It seems these vital nutrients in the plants are being replaced with sugar. If this is not alarming to you then you are asleep at the wheel. You can find this information in the article titled "The great nutrient collapse" on the web site
More to follow as my research and thoughts progress with the help of other Titans of Great Health. Be well and remember Fiber On.. in the am. 
As I have extended my research, I have found other people who claim to have a means to reverse cancer. I have studied their web pages and at this time I cannot give my support to them. I see that they offer many similar ideas but what I see is the feeding of the body of a ton of healthy nutritional products, natural or supplements to accomplish what they claim is the way to reverse cancer. I am not saying they are wrong but I cannot get my head around the fact that what they propose is a manner than continues to have the body in a state of being over feed. No matter how pure their products or natural nutrition I see an error in their process. This error is that in a feed state the body will store products and in return cause more metabolic stress to each individual cell. Now there is Epigenomics that may account for their claims. However, I at this time cannot give my support as I am currently leaning on the theory that too much good nutrition can also be detrimental to the human body and its bacterial/yeast occupants. We live in a symbiotic sphere...our body, we need to live a balanced life. This includes the nutrients we take in.  At this time I take moment of silence to remember those who have passed to soon. God Bless.     
Titans of Great Health I need to say we had another break through the other day. I have chosen to not publish this breakthrough as it is a game changer. In the future I will share but rest assured the information on this web site is what made it happen. 
OK, people, a national figure on TV in front of millions of people claimed he lost a lot of weight by switching to oatmeal for breakfast. I will never get credit of starting the Fiber and Choleretics breakfast plan but I say so what. I want your health not your money. This breakfast plan may be the key to better health. I will state that there may be alternative ways to accomplish this same goal but I believe I have one. IT Is UP to you the Titans of Great Health to disprove or affirm. You have been given the tools to accomplish or disprove this theory. Ask your medical professional for their guidance before trying this breakfast plan. WE MARCH ON FOR BETTER IF NOT GREATER HEALTH. YOU can play your own theme sound here.
An interesting development occurred two days ago. I saw a company pitch the idea that fasting is a tool to prevent many diseases. In fact for a dollar amount they can provide you with meals to maintain a fasting state. Interesting and I want to thank them for propagating this concept. What I offered you was a ten cent first meal of the day that I believe is the best way to maintain Great Health.
At this time I am deeply involved in furthering my theory. I am in the mist of studying many concept that have been offered by many others in the health field concerning similar and natural ways to maintain or regain health. When I gain the knowledge to present a more comprehensive approach that I believe can lead to better health I will present it on this site. I have offered one approach and a simplistic way to improve ones health. There may be many other ways but I believe breakfast is one of the best ways to accomplish this. When I figure a better or alternative approach that does not impact one's daily routine I will share it. March on Titans of Great Health.    
There are many recent scientific articles pooping up concerning the bacterial flora of the gut and the health of animals or humans. This has lead me to expand my theory in another direction. First, we now know that eating fiber helps prevent and maybe can reverse certain metabolic diseases. We know that fiber (soluble and insoluble combined) bind's bile. We know that certain bacterial (the good guys) thrive on fiber. Now take a leap of faith....  fiber binds bile and then the bacteria consume this fiber and the bile within it. The toxic waste of our body (particularly the fat soluble toxins) are consumed by the bacteria which in turn help protect our health. This is the first theory on this concept I have found. It makes a lot of sense but one that the institutions need to devote money and energy to prove. All my current research concerning the mechanisms of the body lead me to believe this may be the path to great health. I will state that having fiber in the first meal of day (also the last) will play a role in this mechanism. It is up to you the Titans of Great Health to prove or disprove this theory. I will continue to march forward and onward. I am excited about the future of Great Health. At this time I play the sound.... I will survive......or Staying Alive....Staying Alive...... Staying alive.....ect......       March On    
I have advanced my theory to new heights. At this time I am deep in researching information and data to further my theory. I have added a few more layers I believe strengthen my theory. At this time I am holding back from publishing these findings as I need to gather more information in order to share. I will tell you that I believe one needs to eat dirty at times in a way that is safe for humans. This implies eating foods that may contain the diverse bacteria and other organisms like yeast in nature that colonize our intestines. Sort of a natural probiotic or pre probiotics. Our healthy intestines contains thousands of organisms that help in our health. One needs to maintain this diversity. The question then is how does one accomplish this. One can purchase products (supplements) but I believe the best way is to do it naturally. A theory of mine is that if one grows their own organic products and doe not use pesticides and herbicides then one should be able to consume the products and in return acquire these organisms. The soil is the key, these organisms are in the soil, but at this time I am not advocating to eat soil to accomplish the task on hand.  
Happy New Year!!  I will say the largest part in ones foundation for great health lies on what one eats combined with fasting. Now there other pillars that add to the strength of this foundation for great health. My research is currently focused on solidifying these other pillars. When I feel I have exhausted these other findings I will publish them. In the mean time continue on with the theories I have laid so far as I still believe these are the foundation one needs to incorporate to ones diet.  
After continuing my research I have found many physicians and others who promote fasting and well as other natural ways to improve and maintain good health, including techniques in functional medicine. As I dive deeper and deeper into my research I still believe VirtualFasting is one of the best tools to maintain and to reverse bad health in people. Why is this? Most human beings do not have the will to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for many reasons. But most humans have the will to change one thing in their lives. This one thing should be a breakfast mostly of fiber and a choleretic. One not only helps the body rid of itself of water and fat soluble toxins from the body, but also can maintain a fasting state in which the body releases Growth Hormone which is vital to prolonging a longer and healthier life. Fiber is the food of many good bacteria in the gut. Science has shown at this time that the quality of their health plays a large role in our health.    
OK after much thought and additional cases and research, I have concluded the old saying from the ancient Greeks was correct. Nothing in excess, and everything in moderation! What does this mean for us? If you balance all into the body and excrete the same out by all detox mechanisms of the body then the odds are that one should live a long life with minimal chronic diseases. There are no magic bullets or pills or supplements! But these bullets or pills or supplements could be part of my equation to long life. No one thing can extend life forever.. it is a balance. The overall Goal is to live a long life full  of energy and joy and when the time comes one is contempt with that as one will feel she or he can no longer enjoy it at that level. This may seem foreign to many but my experience with those that made it past their late eighties and on has helped me see the light. These people once their bodies start to significantly fail are contempt to move on because they seem to not want more of this life at a much lower level of quality of life. I have realized that I have not invented the wheel to speak of but may have put better treads on it for some. There are more ways to extend life. Examples could be be a big breakfast and dinner that included fiber and no lunch. What? This example would mean people kick themselves back into a fasting state before dinner. The key is that is depends on consumption and detoxification. In a fasting state which I believe starts four or five hours after last calorie in the body is necessary to help in the balance of keeping the human body in best health. One cannot detoxify properly in a feed state regardless of the quality of food.        

**The thoughts and information on this web site are just that thoughts. This is not medical advise. You need to get that from your physician or other health professional. This is just my observation. This is not FDA approved. 

      People with medical ailments or obesity you may want to add these supplements either with lunch or dinner
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