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I am not your typical general practitioner. I needed a prolonged post high school education to attain an MD. Side note I was raised to be a lion among the crowd but also with a devotion to help fellow man.  

I have completed more than eleven years of class time, not including the last two years of medical school or surgery intern since I graduated from high school. This does not include the time I worked in a medical practice or the years I dedicates as a home health aid to my dying family members during their battles for life.

I completed my BS in Biological Sciences at UC Davis. I also earned an EMT certificate at that time.

I volunteered my services and took part in two years of advance microbiology research at UC Davis as an undergraduate and post graduate. I did produce a protocol to orient frog oocytes using viscosity of a liquid. I also learned how to perform PCR, western and northern blot testing and more techniques at the cancer institute at UCDAVIS. Now they have automated machines that can do the job in hours that took me days of endless practice to perfect. This study involved taking cancer tumors that were removed from patients and trying to elucidate the genes that played a role. It was like shooting darts in the dark at that time. I did not complete this study as I left to pursue a public health education.  

My ambition has always been to help find a cure to cancer.

I spent an extra year in my masters of public health in epidemiology as I wanted to strengthen my science knowledge by taking advanced science courses in physics, biochemistry, physiology. I also strengthened my epidemiology background by taking part in a food born outbreak epidemic in San Diego County. This was within the San Diego County Public Health Department and I did produce an article for internal use by the San Diego County Heath Department. I was honored by the County Health Department with an award. My knowledge base was expanded. In fact I would say Virtualfast was actually born during this time in the mid 1990's as it was the place I first implemented by current breakfast after reading a published study that stated fiber binned bile. 

Additionally, I also had to take part in a one year Postgraduate scientific program at a masters level which furthered my knowledge and expanded my foundation in the sciences. These classes were the same ones that were found in my medical school. I was forced to repeat them again during the first year of medical school. Redundancy is a common key in my education. It paid off now but was very painful during the time spent repeating.  

I studied and took the MCAT numerous times. Always with improving scores. Sacrificing summer after summer to studying and gaining knowledge in the pursuit of a medical education. 

I need to digress here and share that I enrolled and took all the required courses for medical school during the first years of my college education. In fact the program I was in was a super weeder program for premed students. In fact it was rated first or second in the state of California at that time. I mostly earned Bs. This turns out was not good enough to earn a spot in a medical school even though I earned much better marks in the coming years. Even though I was put through hell and back numerous times. I would not cave in. With the undying support of family and the encouragement they offered and with my strong faith in God, I continued my journey. Now God could be a singular entity or nature its up to you and your beliefs are yours. 

I even carried out unpaid research under a world renown Orthopedic Hand Specialist. This was carried out during my third and fourth year of medical school. I spent the majority of my third and fourth year studies at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh PA. This place is a monster of a teaching institute. I did produce a poster presentation that was offered at the national gathering of Orthopedics surgeons Convention. I was working on a larger study that I did not get to complete since my time in Pittsburgh came to an end. I put hundreds of hours into that project. The fact that I did not get to complete this left a sting in my mouth. Truth be told I was screwed out of a residency spot due to politics. That is life and looking back, that was a lucky break for all of us, "I Thank God".    

I completed a one year General Surgical Intern year with UCSF East Bay Surgery Program. This was balls to the walls learning curve, trial by fire. I was given so much responsibility under the guide of others. Most of this year was at the renown Alameda County Hospital in Oakland better known as Highland Hospital. Gun shot central, more trauma patients at the constant. Life and death was always near. Sorrow or happiness was with me constantly.

I have practiced as a general practitioner for ten years. I charged very little and daily do not charge for follow ups concerning a running issue. In the beginning I was physician, secretary, and janitor all in one. Currently I have two medical assistants and one volunteer daily helping me take care of patients. Since I do not charge much I get patients across the board. I need to be on at all times. Most of my patients have no medical insurance. I need to do more with less and believe me it works. Every time I figure a way to help myself with my health, I apply it to my patients and it works. I have now served tens of thousands of patients. I consider myself General practitioner extraordinaire since I have an extended training in many fields of medicine. In fact it grows daily.       

The point I am making here is that I was prepared to reverse engineer what I accomplished with the reversal of disease in me. This prolonged journey to obtain a medical education has led to this possible MEDICAL HOLY GRAIL. 



  • Virtualfast is a possible diet plan for the first meal in the morning of five breakfasts a week. The rest of the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks is yours to do as you like.

  • I do not advise a person to use Virtualfast as a substitute for your other meals as this could deprive your body of necessary nutrients to sustain proper function of all cells. But do try an include fiber in them.

  • Virtualfast uses the natural fasting state of the body to extend this state and deplete the body of possible toxic substances in the bile.

  • Basic idea is Drink a cup of coffee with creamer and then wait at least ten minutes before consuming a meal mostly of fibers(both insoluble and soluble components). Then after the meal drink another cup of coffee.  Avoid any fat in this meal and keep every other nutrient but fiber to a minimum to continue overnight fast.

  • The theory is that the coffee (a choleretic) causes extra bile stored in the liver system to be released into the gut. Then the fiber in the meal will bind and remove this bile and the toxins in it. 


As a primary care physician with a research background I have treated countless patients with this condition. Through diet and drugs I have failed, time and time again. I myself became one of these patients. I first tried a breakfast of coffee and one or two eggs a day. This did not work. I then tried a diet of blending carrots, spinach, kale, flax seed and one banana each morning. I lost weight but my glucose levels went up. 

I altered the food I ate for lunch and dinner. Lost weight but still had not achieved my goal of reversing my pre-diabetic status after two years. Determined I once again changed my diet but this time what I focused on was a breakfast I used more than twenty five years ago. I had a belief that oatmeal would bind bile from the liver at that time from reading a research paper while in my first master's degree.

I knew this through my research during my masters program. At that time I was fifty to sixty pounds lighter that my current weight with that meal strategy. At that time I was focused on my health since my father suffered a massive heart attack that I witnessed one year earlier.

I exercised three times a week. Going back to why I choose to use oatmeal this time. I knew that every time you eat, bile which is waste product full of lipids, bilirubin and other material flood the intestine to emulsify the food we take in. The emulsification is necessary for the food to be absorbed into the liver for digestion and detoxification. I figured lets use oatmeal to get rid of some of this waste.

So one year ago I started a five day a week course of 100% whole grain (1/2 cup) with milk and two glasses of coffee with creamer. On weekends I ate bacon and eggs as my breakfast. I did not alter my lunches and dinners and would say I ate burgers, pizza, fries and a lot of other unhealthy things a few times a week.

Funny thing is, I did not lose much weight but felt much better. At the two month mark I checked my HA1C and was astounded to find I had gone from 6.4 to 5.0. Hemoglobin A1C is a three month measurement of average glucose in one's blood. A normal person is usually somewhere between 4 and 5.6. Pre-diabetes is 5.7 to 6.4. Diabetes is 6.5 and above. I rechecked these numbers three times, on a side note I barely exercised during this time.
Maybe three times in total. I have a working wife and two young children and a practice full of patients. I went from almost diabetic to excellent numbers.

My mind started functioning at a higher level like it was twenty years younger. I also noticed after a few months I did not require a large intake of food. I started losing some weight. Did I stumble across the HOLY GRAIL to reversing diabetes, is it the OATMEAL (fiber) or is it a combination of things.

At this point my theory may hold the prevention of over fifty percent of all metabolic syndromes and possibly the reversal of many as long as the body is not to damaged. 

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